CloudFlare buys StopTheHacker to improve cyber security services

The start-up company called CloudFlare is providing various services to improve the performance of the websites from $0 fee. Cloudflare announced that they acquired an Anti-Malware start-up called  StopTheHacker.


Few of the services provided by CloudFlare such as Content Delivery Network (CDN) which distributes the static files of your web site, like images, JavaScript files, CSS files throughout  the EDGE servers around the world. So the users will download the website content from their nearest server. So, the website speed will be twice faster. They also provide services to improve the web contents of your website by reducing the multiple JavaScript traffic latency & by using compression methods to improve the performance of the website called as Web Content Optimization (WCO).

Cloudflare already providing the Security services to Improve the security of the websites and servers. This acquisition will give them strength in the booming Cyber Security market.

Matthew Prince, CloudFlare CEO said that the current StopTheHacker customers will not be affected and things will continue as usual.

“We will continue to operate the StopTheHacker services and invest in its continued innovation. StopTheHacker provides the most affordable, enterprise-class malware scanning available today and we will ensure it will only get better moving forward” Said, Matthew.

We can expect more acquisitions in this Hot Cyber Security market.