Connected cars market worth €39 billion now heating up with Cloud Analytics

1. Wipro, India’s third largest IT outsourcing company, announced a partnership with Cloud Based Analytics provider Agnik.


2. Agnik offers a wide range of analytics, particularly created for connecting car environments. Using that automotive companies can build predictive models for the car on board the vehicle or in the cloud back-end. The Data generated can be used to score, compare and contrast driver performance and can correlate vehicle-­telematics data with a wide range of non-­telematics contextual data.

3. Wipro is a member of the Car Connectivity consortium (CCC, A body to develop cross ­industry collaboration global standards and solutions for in­-vehicle and Smartphone connectivity)

4. Wipro will use Agnik’s Big Data analytics products  in order to offer automotive companies an advanced solution to encourage safe driving and enable proactive maintenance of vehicles.

5. This solution can be used for detailed prognosis, vehicle failure modelling, Geo-spatial analytics, warranty management, advanced CRM services and actuarial analysis for insurance.

6. “Wipro is excited to work with Agnik and bring an innovative connected car solution to the automotive industry and aftermarket businesses” said Mr. Srinivas Rao, Vice President and Head of the service transformation group, manufacturing & hi-­tech business unit, Wipro.

7. Mr. Rao said that their deep investment and expertise in the machine to machine space and specifically in connecting car environments along with worldwide engagement with automotive companies will be further enhanced by this new cutting-­edge solution from Agnik which is based on decade long research.

8. Research firm SBD and Telecom industry body GSMA released a report which says that the Connected Car market will be €39 billion in 2018, which was €13 billion in 2012. This shows the huge chance for cloud service providers,telecommunication companies and Big data analytics providers to get the market share.