Contribution of Big Data in Cyber Security and Cyber Attack

1. We know that Big Data has been creating buzz in the retail,healthcare,engineering and advertising industries. But Big Data also going to contribute in the cyber security as well. Vast amount of data can be collected and analyzed in real time to identify and prevent security attacks opening a new path to security analysis.

2. Deep understanding of IT infrastructure allows security specialists to recognize abnormalities which shows cyber attack events.  Big Data delivers the irregular activity directly to security experts.

3. Research firm Gartner said Big Data analytics will become important part of security analysis to prevent the attacks as well as to detect the undetected threats.

        By 2016 ,more than 25% of global firms will use big data for at least one security and fraud detection use case, up from 8% as of now.

4. ”Big data analytics helps companies to combine and correlate external and internal information to see a bigger picture of threats against their company. It is applicable in many security and fraud use cases such as detection of advanced threats, insider threats and account takeover” said Avivah, vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner.

5. Big data’s ability to analyze massive number of potential security events and create connections between them to create a prioritized list of vulnerabilities and threats, adds advantage to the Security infrastructure.

6. Cyber criminal also developed plugins to query databases to get information, like credit card numbers ,passwords from outside servers and then transfer the data into their database that they have full access to. They use big data to analyse and learn more about breached machines and compromised information systems. Cyber criminals use it to spot trends, successes and failures and to make their future attacks more successful.

7. We can expect the need for Big data scientists will grow much faster. Big companies can hire data scientists to build and integrate the big data analytics with the IT security infrastructure. Small and mid-sized businesses can go for managed big data services, also called as “Big Data as a Service”.

8. Future IT investments should be flexible and analytics-based solutions that can change as business requirements and security threats evolve.

9. Big data is playing an important role in detecting the new threats which haven’t yet been detected using the large collection of logs.

10. Big data is an advantage to both the Businesses and underworld hackers. Just as Big Data became a buzzword in corporate world in the last year , we will see organization start using it for cyber security analysis  in the upcoming years.