The Dawn of Business-Friendly Robots

Business in the 21st century has already touched unimaginable heights and it has really gone global. Multinational companies have their headquarters on one side of the globe and plants and factories on the other one. Executives manage companies from planes, airports and, believe it or not, even from their offices. Such an intertwined business world needs constant refreshments and technological boosts that will make doing business easier.

Robotics is definitely the field of science that is believed to help speed up business communication even more. And when we say robots, we do not mean short cute toy-like creatures, but expensive and serious business machines that will make a difference to their users and buyers.

Document-carrying robots

Probably the simplest sort of robots that can be used for business purposes are the ones who can lift and carry substantial weight. Although many companies are turning to paper-free mode of work, there will always be archives and old documents that will have to be removed from time to time. Robots such as Budgee, developed by Five Elements Robotics, are great for such a cause. This caddy-like machine will follow you everywhere, since it is able to recognize people and follow his owner just like a pooch. It can carry your laptop to work or help you move items around the company. It is a strong fellow, able to carry up to 60 lbs of weight.

Office-cleaning bots

When thinking about large companies and their glass-covered offices, it is unclear how many people are necessary to clean all those glass surfaces. However, now robots can do the cleaning part. Apart regular dusting and vacuuming, which can still be done by people, maybe even more successfully, the Winbot robot, developed by Ecovacs, represents a cutting-edge glass cleaning machine. It is attached to the glass area we want to clean and the bot does meticulous window or glass cleaning. Glass-covered headquarters of large companies will have a bright and shiny future with this little cleaner.

Robotized conference assistants

Apart from physical work, business robots have reached some level of mental sophistication, too. They can now be used as real conference guides or assistants. MantaroBot TeleMe, for instance, is a real conference hub. It supports iPod, iPad, tablets, Apple’s OS and Android OS. When you attach your device or gadget to this robot, it becomes a one-of-a-kind transmitter and communication medium. MantaroBot enables you to have video and audio conferences from every corner of the world and also attend virtual conferences and trade shows.

Rapiro robot, in addition, is probably the leader of the pack, because it is the most sophisticated robotic fellow. It is operated by Raspberry Pi, a small computer suitable for such a robot. Rapiro has twelve separate parts and it is easily assembled. Thanks to the Raspberry Pi computer, Rapiro can be enriched with a Raspberry Pi camera. Also, a USB Wifi dongle can be inserted into this robot, for wireless control. Thanks to its programmability and customizability, Rapiro is a perfect robot for business purposes.

Robots in marketing and entertainment

Apart from being used for serious purposes, robots are also programmable to be real entertainers. For instance, the abovementioned Rapiro robot can dance or play music and thus entertain you and business partners when on a break. We have contacted NVP Exhibits and found out that besides being entertainers, there is a highly productive slot for robots at meetings and trade shows. They can be used as ad emitters or even communicate with your clients.

The world without robots is a past tense. In business terms, the faster you start working with them, the sooner you will come to the front of the business rat race.

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