Dr.Robonaut 2 will do medical surgery and treatments in the Space station

1. Robots are helping us in different areas. We might have seen some robots with large arm in production lines of  manufacturing industries to replace humans  to do the job with our tiredness. The robotics industry is currently booming day by day. People want to use different types of robots for different purposes. NASA is training a humanoid robot to act as a doctor in the space.The Robot will do the some inside/outside space station works as well.

2. Medical Experts on earth can control the robot for doing surgeries and other required medical procedures to cure injured or unhealthy astronauts.

3. This advanced Remote control robotics not only helps astronauts, but it will also enable the doctors to do remote surgeries around the world.

4. Robonaut 2 costs $2.5 million to produce and owns a nickname “R2”.

5. Dr.Zsolt Garami of the Houston Methodist Research Institute said that he trained the robot more medical procedures in one hour than he would train the students for one week and this robot is learning very faster.

6. This R2 has the ability to learn and store the medical treatment procedures and includes a camera in its forehead. If we send R2  to the space station,the medical skills would be easily utilized by sending commands from Earth to conduct the remote surgeries/treatments .

7. Usually astronauts must be trained in basic surgery and medical procedures . But this robotics technology will help them in medical emergencies and should do a revolution in the telemedical field.

8. As per Mr.Garami , this robot might be able to learn and do some work on its own in the near future.