Facebook’s 10th Birthday in 10 points!

Happy Birthday From Zombies Lounge (2)

  1. Facebook have been our great place to hangout with our friends & family in this busy world and keeps us connected with our best buddies of our life. Today is Facebook’s 10th Birthday.

  2. Mark Zuckerberg just said in his Facebook status that Facebook have been a place to share our life moments and to have fun with friends in the last 10 years,but in the next decade , it will be a place to solve the complex problems and get solutions. When he was helping to build the Facebook for his college use ,he  told his friends that one day the whole world needs to be connected.

  3. As a daily Facebook user, I can able to read status of my family and friends  and  able to stream from world news to fun news into my computer/mobile app,organize events and groups,follow great leaders and celebrities,follow brands and nonprofits,able to share my own thoughts and moments, i can do a debate with friend though commenting and a lot more is not it ?

  4. History: Mark Zuckerberg and co founders Dustin Moskovitz, Eduardo Saverin and Chris hughes launched Facebook from Harvard dorm room in 2/ 04 / 2004 ( Awesome date, right?)

  5. Harvard university students only can join “the Facebook” at the initial time. after one year, they removed “the” and it became “Facebook” with 6 million users. Now it has 1.2 billion users.

  6. Statistics: In this 1.2 billion users, only 10% update their status daily , 4% update it more than once daily according to the Pew Survey. 15% of users comments on the photos more than once daily. one interesting fact is that 36% of the users doesn’t like when people share too much information about themselves.

  7. IPO: Facebook initial public offering date  was  May 18,2012 which had an opening share price of $38. current stock price is $62.39 per share.

  8. Q4 results:2014 January 29, revenue increased from $1.59 billion to $2.59 billion year over year  as a result of mobile Ads strategy.

  9. Facebook is now not only for teens , but also for our Moms and Grandmothers who want to connect with us.

  10. Use all the great apps like foursquare, Sound cloud,news apps,weather apps,Music Apps, etc and connect the apps with Facebook and share with friends and family .Check-in to your favorite places ,travel the world, have fun and share in your Timeline. Happy birthday Facebook! from Zombies Lounge Team.

Here’s the personal video for us from Facebook: Look back