Facebook Introduces “Paper”, A News App!

Paper is a thin material produced by pressing together. Okay Cool! Just kidding! It’s not a physical thing, it’s a digital thing from Facebook. Team at Facebook are quick as a whip because just 24 hours after CEO Mark Zuckerberg promised more standalone apps in 2014, the company announced Paper, a standalone newsreader mobile app that has reportedly been in the works for years.


Facebook is straight up against incumbents like Flipboard and other services. It’s called Paper and it promises a “full-screen” distraction-free layout, with the app separating out your own Facebook News feed to begin with. You can then add to that, picking from Facebook’s curated themes that’ll include photography, sports, food, science and design. You can select 19 different “sections”.

Users will be able to select which sections they wish to subscribe to, and all content will be organized through a process that includes an algorithm and a human selection. For now, sections will not be personalized. For e.g., a user in Florida will see the same items in his sports section as a user in Manhatton, although personalization could be added in the future.

Personally, I love Facebook messenger because of its flawless and neat layout. As of now the app will be available for the iPhone in the US and only the iPhone in the US will get the app on February 3rd. It’s also ad-free, at least for now.

Facebook plans to launch more standalone app in the near future like Messenger. Mobile is the next big thing. That’s why Facebook has started a project called  “Creative Labs” which lets 6,000 employee moves like a Startup. Paper is the first product out of it.

Zuckerberg is focusing on “Groups”. In  developers day event, he said, “So the thinking I think we’ve had with the Facebook mobile app for a while is that experiences that we might add, whether that’s Groups or Events or things like that can reach a lot of people because the vast majority of phones have Facebook on them and people are using Facebook every day,”

We guess the next app from Facebook might be about “Groups”. And another thing is the presentation from Facebook is always awesome. Check this page. Paper

Short Video About Facebook Paper: