Facebook saved $1.2 billion using Open Compute Projects!

When it comes to open technology, The main focus will be the cost. Facebook strictly followed that and saved $1.2 billion over the last three years. The focus on open hardware was a logical outgrowth of the way the company views the world, according to Zuckerberg.


“Facebook has always been a systems company,” he said. “A lot of the early work we did was with open systems and open source.” How they saved this huge amount of money.

  1. Facebook started to save billions of dollars by saving energy as well as by bringing innovations in other areas.
  2. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO, Facebook and Jay Parikh,VP of Engineering highlighted how they saved the cost during the Open Compute Summit.
  3. Facebook saved over $1.2 billion  in past three years
  4. One of the new innovations is saving through BluRay disc storage,also called “cold storage”.So, Facebook is plans to store petabytes of data in this cold storage in the future.these are mostly rarely accessed backup data.
  5. Not only energy efficient servers, storage which saves cost, but also a technology to convert PHP to C++ called “Hip Hop VM Technology”is also taking part from Facebook to increase efficiency.
  6. Facebook twill get the benefit of other members inventions, but contributing probably less than 20 percent in this Open Compute Project.
  7. Zuckerberg reminded that ,”In business, most things do come down to money at last”.
  8. “In just  the last year, Facebook saved the equivalent amount of energy of 40,000 homes in a year, and saved the amount of emissions equivalent to taking 50,000 cars off the road for the whole year”Zuckerberg Said.