Google to launch Nexus 8 and Android 4.5 In July! Not on Google I/O 2014

When we hear about Google I/O, We expect some major announcements. But this time the event might not see the unveiling of Google’s next tablet Nexus 8 and Android iteration v4.5 rather it will be officially announced in July this year.

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On 20 Feb, Google’s head of Android and Chrome, Sundar Pichai announced that the Mountain View-based giant will host the I/O 2014 developer conference on June 25-26.

A Google Dublin employee said that his superiors have told him that Android 4.5 will be officially unveiled in July along with a new tablet, dubbed Nexus 8. He also confirmed that the I/O 2014 conference will focus on new services Google is planning to bring on the market.

Furthermore, Google will no longer develop a 7-inch Nexus tablet, because of the heavy competition in the segment. Instead, they will try to focus on the 8-inch segment, where they will have to face a smaller number of competitors. At the moment, the most notable 8-inch tablets on the market are Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8.0 and Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 and LG’s G Pad 8.3. Sources from the Taiwan claim that Google and Asus will team-up once more to develop a Nexus tablet.

Last year, at Google I/O 2013, the company’s officials have introduced the revamped Google Plus and Maps, the stock Android-powered Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition, Google Play Games, Hangouts, and Google Play Music All Access.

What you expect for this year’s Google I/O ?? Is that a good idea that Google is moving towards 8-inch segment?? Let us know in the comments section below.