Hadoop Services War Between Cloudera and HortonWorks! [In the Big Data Arena]

Cloudera, a Hadoop company from Palo Alto has raised $900 million in the recent venture capital fund raising round.

Earlier, Cloudera, has raised $160 million as per the news on March 18, 2014, led by T. Rowe Price, Google Ventures and an affiliate of MSD Capital, L.P.

Intel got a 18 percent share in Cloudera after an investment of nearly $740 million. Intel CEO Brian Krzanich on Intel and Cloudera’s Technology Collaboration and Equity Investment.

In the last weeks cloud conferences, we have seen competitions in price reduction. But the Hadoop companies were also in a hidden fund rising war to improve the Big Data Analytics services. So, not only Cloudera has raised huge funds, but Hortonworks has also raised $100 million in venture capital round on March 24 led by Black Rock and Passport Capital.

Hottonworks’s existing investors- Dragoneer, Tenaya, Yahoo Capital, Benchmark and Index Ventures – also participated in the fund raising round. Hortonworks CEO Rob Bearden said in an interview that the new funding will help Hortonworks scale its engineering efforts, grow the company’s ecosystem and scale its global operations. Hortonworks already has the tight partnerships with Red Hat, Teradata and Microsoft.

Companies like IBM and Pivotal are already competing in the Hadoop software and services market. As per the prediction, the Big data analytics market is valued $50 billion by 2016 and $150 billion by 2020.