History of CPU [Processor] and the Cloud computing [Infographic]

The world of  personal computers are mostly depending on the servers which hosted  on the datacenters around the world. The data center is costly but essential to a business. From security architecture to the Scalable infrastructure designing, the datacenter designing was complex until the Virtualization Comes to the world of IT with features like Virtual Machines [VMs], High Availability, Fault tolerance, Dynamic Resource Scheduling, Virtual Networking, Virtual Storage Area Networks and Clustering.

The complexity in the data center implementation is reduced using the Virtualization Technology of the Processor. Now, in this cloud computing era, the Cloud data enters are implemented using this virtualization technology as a Base of the Cloud Infrastructure and offering the Self-Service IT resource management console to every business which want IT hardware / software resources without any upfront cost.


Below is the info-graphic provided by the profitbricks details the history of processor/CPU.

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