LogMeIn released new version of Cubby, A Cloud storage product to compete with Dropbox, Box in Enterprise Market

1. LogMeIn entered Cloud file-storage-sync business with Cubby few years before. Now they are releasing a new version of their Enterprise offering.

2. This new version integrates fully with Active Directory and adds more features for IT administrators ,  including Domain-based administration, Central management of employee membership and Remote Wipe ability.

3. LogMeIn CEO  Michael Simon said  the company is able to combine Dropbox like an ease-of-use  interface and IT administration capabilities required by enterprises.  The company hears from its 100,000 SMB customers is that today’s file store and sync products categorized into two:  Built for IT management,  but hated by employees or Built for Consumers that win over employees but with less security and IT control.

4. The company also giving  enterprises to store their data in mobile devices with extra PIN code protection. Also,  users can add extra password to their sensitive data in desktops.  Enterprise and Pro plan customers can sync their data “without limits, without the cloud” by directly connecting two computers without storing in the Cloud.

5. The pricing starts at $39.99 per month for five users and $479.88 per year annually for 1 TB of storage.

6. Both Dropbox and Cubby can remote wipes the data in enterprise plans only.


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