Microsoft Fuse Lab’s “HereHere” Project Shows What’s Trending In NYC Streets!

We don’t get any awesome products from Microsoft frequently. But once we get some, It will be mind blowing. Here you go! Microsoft Fuselabs have launched a social platform “HereHere” which uses social media and big data analytics to help users get engaged with problems faced in their neighborhood.


Actually, HereHere is a research project from FUSE Labs, Microsoft Research that explores:

  • Creating compelling stories with data to engage larger communities.
  • Inventing daily rituals for connecting to the hyperlocal.
  • Using characterization as a tool to drive data engagement.

As a first step the app is launched in New York, covering 40 major areas. People can receive the information via a daily email digest, neighborhood-specific Twitter feeds, or status updates on an online map New Yorkers are always fond of 311 services to attend their grievances. HereHere, a mobile friendly platform allows city’s major neighborhoods to generate opinions based on 311’s data stream.

The platform also generates funny cartoons depicting the issue to make it more friendly and self-explanatory about the crisis happening in their community. All the data are synced to a twitter account and users can subscribe to the relevant channels to keep themselves updated. All the data acquired from 311 are aggregated and filtered according to the communities and results are provided on a daily basis.

HereHere does not use sentiment analysis, but uses a research platform with the intention of surfacing the most pertinent information with a human perspective.

Everyone else in the ‘hood is as pissed off as you are about those “Perpetual ice cream trucks.”

Just an Info about Fuselabs: Microsoft Fuse Labs work in partnership with product and research teams to imagine, develop, and deliver new social, real-time, and media-rich experiences for home and work. Fuse Labs experiences give users new ways to create, connect and collaborate with the people, information and ideas that matter to them.

Intro Video About HereHere: