Microsoft office 365 getting machine learning and social media capabilities: 9 points

  1. Microsoft  is going to add more features to its office 365 SaaS offering  as per the recently held Sharepoint Conference in Las Vegas  ( March 3 to 6,2014).
  2. Office 365 will get  intelligent-driven and social capabilities.
  3. The the important products of the announcement were Oslo, which is using the new machine learning capability of office 365 called “ Office Graph”. Oslo can learn the usage of the user and understands how the user works with office 365 components such as online Exchange email app, OneDrive storage for business, instant messaging /video conferencing with Lync, Sharepoint online and the yammer social business network.
  4. Oslo will display the most recommended contentsfiles and colleagues to the office 365 user  depends on the given time.
  5. The company expects to rolling out these features within next 12 months according  to Julia White, General manager of Microsoft Office.
  6. Also Microsoft integrated Yammer tightly with Office 365. So, users will get features like displaying conversations related to the files in “OneDrive for business” and “Sharepoint online”.
  7.  The “Oslo” is the first application which uses Office Graph.  We can expect more applications from Microsoft and third-party vendors with the integration of Office Graph.
  8. Some of the other features revealed by Microsoft are I) Groups –provides a unified view for conversations,people,calendar,emails and files within office 365 suite II)Video Portal-storing and sharing videos III) Inline Social-it allows users to communicate each other within their documents.
  9. In 2013, Microsoft added “Power BI”-an excel based  analytics tool to their Office 365 SaaS service.