Mobile Betting Apps Leading the Gambling Industry!

Since revamping its platform Unibet has worked hard to cater to the casual gamer and nothing screams access like a mobile app. In the spirit of giving punters a greater chance to make some money the company has recently augmented its mobile package with a free £10 cash bonus.

Offered on top of any desktop deals a player may have taken advantage of, Unibet’s mobile sports betting bonuses are designed to attract both seasoned and novice punters alike. However, unlike other operators who simply give you £10 to squander as you wish, Unibet has decided to do something a little different: risk free betting.

Often the most daunting aspect of placing a wager for novice gamblers is the fear of losing. While no one should ever be risking more than they can afford to lose, it can still be worrying for someone placing their first ever mobile bet. Thankfully, any player who downloads the Unibet app to their phone and places a wager of £10 will get an instant refund.

This offer, as with all Unibet’s deals, is only valid for a certain amount of time, but if you’re a regular mobile punter then it’s yet another example of the platform’s benefit. Indeed, because mobile gaming is the real growth area in the gambling industry, you can count on operators pouring more free money into your pockets than when you play on through your computer.

While it’s a little too early to call mobile sports betting the future, there’s certainly a growing case for apps being the go-to resource for both novice and professional gamblers. Aside from extra bonuses, this platform is much more efficient and the perfect way to take advantage of the dynamism of the sports betting world. Thus, while it may take a few years for mobile betting apps to overtake desktop portals, it’s extremely likely this will be the case in the not too distant future.


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