Open Sensors, A startup which builds solutions for “Internet of Things “

  • London-based startup OpenSensors, formed last year, plans to build a software tool that lets companies build out the infrastructure needed to host millions of connected devices (Internet of Things).
  • Yodit Stanton, a co-founder told that Sensors can be hosted on Azondi, a software that contains a database, some basic authentication and a publishing and subscription model using MQTT. 
  •  The customer can buy a license of the software and then can run his sensor network on his own servers or in a cloud. The Azondi software is available on GitHub . Yodit Stanton expects people taking a license to it and forking the code for their own needs.
  • Stanton said to Gigaom that many customers who wants to build out some type of sensor network find that the available cloud platforms such as Xively or Axeda aren’t transferable. Their data goes into the cloud, but comes out in the form of an API. In some cases, getting data out via an API is a best case scenario. OpenSensors is building a cloud solution to manage and share servers of multiple sensors easier.
  • OpenSensors built Azondi to let municipalities and any other customers take as much control over that process as they want to. So we can expect Many other cloud connected ,Smart devices in the future which send the realtime statistics to the servers which can be access via Smart phones, Tablets and Computers.

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