Pixeom Revolutionizes Cloud Computing With Its New Personal Cloud Device And Exchange Network

Pixeom debuts their solution to data privacy concerns – The New Pixeom X1 Personal Cloud Device and Exchange Network, built on Raspberry Pi.


MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Jan. 22, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Privacy is one of the most significant issues facing us today. The platforms created to address this are still hosted in large data centers and have suffered privacy breaches, leaving the public looking for solutions wherein they control their data. The Pixeom Personal Cloud Device and Exchange Network allows users to easily create, access, and share their content from anywhere, while connecting with a global community, through the use of a secure Pixeom X1 device. The X1, built using Raspberry Pi, is a small personal cloud device that facilitates file storage, collaboration, social networking, and e-commerce, by acting together with other X1 devices to power a community-built independent network.

“While there are other cloud services on the market today, Pixeom is transformational in combining cloud storage, being a gateway to a global community, where content sharing, e-commerce, collaboration and relationship building is made possible.  We have created a truly boundary-less content sharing and e-commerce platform without rules and limits imposed on its users by other cloud service providers,” said Sam Nagar the co-founder.

Customers who purchase an X1 device for a one-time cost can easily upload, store, post, and share data from anywhere without using a third-party cloud or hosting service provider, and without being subject to storage limits, usage restrictions, incremental fees, or the potential for security breaches. X1 device owners can create public or private groups, content and marketplaces, all the while maintaining absolute control over what content is shared.

The Personal Exchange Network Apps facilitate three types of content exchanges:

  • File Exchange App – enables Pixeom users to store and share files with built-in synchronization and commenting for collaboration, as well as versioning for convenient recovery.
  • Club Exchange App – provides Pixeom users the ability to create interactive discussion boards and build social communities around topics of interest, or allow businesses to foster communication with customers and partners.
  • Market Exchange App – allows Pixeom users to create interactive virtual stores or list individual items for sale via the network, the app is developed to be simple and turnkey, including payment processing, inventory management, and CRM.

Pixeom launched a Kickstarter campaign on January 7th, and within the first 14 days, has raised close to 75% of their goal – poising them to sail past their initial funding target. Those who contribute $99 through the Kickstarter campaign will receive a special edition device. “We are excited and encouraged by the response that we have received, it is the right product at the right time and we are looking forward to the future of Pixeom,” Nagar said.

About Pixeom:

Founded in September 2013, Pixeom, LLC is the creator of the Pixeom Personal Exchange Network that allows individual and small business users to store, share and access content from anywhere through a small personal cloud device, called the Pixeom X1. Members of the Personal Exchange Network can collaborate with other members through the Club Exchange, and build virtual storefronts using the Market Exchange. The Pixeom X1 is currently available via the Pixeom Kickstarter campaign page. For more information, please visit www.pixeom.com.

Media Contact:
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  • Expandable, connect multiple Pixeom X1 devices together to indefinitely increase storage space and protect your data
  • Secure, using the latest security of AES-256 you can rest easy knowing your data is free from prying eyes
  • Low power, costing the average home approximately $5 per year in electricity
  • Low one time cost, buy it once and never pay a subscription fee again
  • No restrictions, you can store and host whatever you want on your device