Redhat OpenShift PaaS will support Microsoft .Net and SQL server application hosting-[10 points]

  1. Redhat launched OpenShift Online public Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) service three years ago and OpenShift Enterprise private PaaS in 2012, customers have often asked RedHat, “What about Microsoft .NET apps on OpenShift?”.
  2. So,Redhat is collaborating with Uhuru Software to bring Microsoft .NET and SQL Server capabilities to OpenShift, as an open source community-driven effort in OpenShift Origin. OpenShift Origin is the upstream community project that drives innovation for both OpenShift Online service and OpenShift Enterprise product.
  3. Redhat now ready to challenge Microsoft on hosting applications that’s runs on .Net and Microsoft SQL server.
  4. The Uhuru Software is created by Team of Ex-Microsoft Employees, including Executives and Engineers who moved from Microsoft to create open source cloud services which supports Microsoft products.
  5. The .Net Runtime and Microsoft SQL servers will run top of Windows Server. These Windows servers will run as a Virtual machine or as a Native Operating system on the servers.
  6.  Redhat OpenShit users will be able to use Microsoft .Net and SQL server capabilities combined with other open source platforms in the same workspace. For example, customers can run .Net application FrontEnd on windows server and can Use MySQL server backend on Redhat server.
  7. Microsoft is already offering  .Net and SQL servers on the Windows Azure cloud. Redhat is providing OpenShift code which can be deployed into on-premises Private Cloud. Customers can create Hybrid Cloud by combining Red Hat PaaS Cloud Service and Private Cloud service in the integrated RedHat OpenShit Environment which is an added advantage over Windows Azure.
  8. This Uhuru code will get more features before it will become commercially available.
  9. Those who interested in contributing to this effort can check the project out on GitHub and this will also soon be merged into Origin along with additional documentation and videos.
  10. Microsoft .NET and SQL Server capabilities are also available for technical preview for customers who want a closer look. Interested customers and prospects can send an email to for more information.