Syrian Army’s War Against NSA. Skype Was Hacked!

Hacked! An awkward situation inside Skype on New Year eve! Skype’s Facebook, twitter, and their blog were hacked Wednesday morning. Definitely it’s not a good news for them. Skype’s twitter account published a tweet demoralized people from using Microsoft emails.

twitter- zombies lounge

An selfsame message appeared on Skype’s Facebook page, but was quickly removed after few minutes.

skype  facebook account-zombies lounge

The Syrian Electronic Army has certainly been busy in the past year and they are back to work. We suspect that Syrian Army took an initiative war against NSA. In their blog they mentioned “Stop Spying”.

There’s a reason behind this attack. Microsoft-owned company allowed communications to be intercepted and handed over to the NSA.  We’ve reached Skype for the comments and got a reply that no user information was compromised and they apologized for that.

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