VMware and Google’s partnership to change the traditional desktops in the corporates

Google and VMware partnered to create a Win-Win business in the enterprise virtual desktop adoption.

VMware is the leading provider of virtualization products to handle enterprise servers and virtual desktops to create a highly available and cost effective solutions. VMware recently purchased a Desktop as a Service company “Desktone” in October which provides Virtual Desktops in Cloud. Now VMware can use this partnership to provide Desktop as a Service to the chromebook users. Companies can deploy chromebooks in their office, which runs Chrome OS  and also give access to the windows desktop through VMware’s Blast HTML5 Desktop access software for chrome OS.

Chrome enterprise head Amit singh said “Google Chromebooks could save companies about $5000 per computer when compared to the Traditional Desktop Computers.”

Google got the chance to expand its Chromebook business into corporate in this mobile world. They will push the Chromebook with the VMware Desktone integration. VMware will manage the Windows Cloud Desktop Subscriptions fully through its division “Desktone”.

VMware Horizon View enterprise customers can also use this service to create a hybrid desktop solution ( Local Data Center + Desktone Cloud ).

Amazon Web Services already announced their Desktop as a Service Amazon WorkSpaces in November 2013. So, the competition is heating up!

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What is VMware Horizon View:

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