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“Great writers are great because of their passion”

We at Zombies lounge has started this tech blog for a particular reason “Passion”. You will feel that passion when you read our tech blog. Come Join with us! Write for us! If you’re passionate and interested in writing tech stories, Contact us at we@zombieslounge.com

Guidelines for writers!

1. We are in search of passionate tech bloggers. So, writers should be passionate about what he is writing.

2. As of now, we don’t pay for bloggers. We are considering to initiate that really soon

3. We are so focused on technology like Cloud Computing, Robotics, Digital Currency, Linux and mobile technology. The tutorial on tech topics is an advantage and always welcome.

4. Content should be unique. If not, add the source to the article. It can be ranging from Min. 450 words to Infinity 😉

5. “How often do you need me to write?” is one of the most FAQs from writers. Well the answer is “Whenever you can”. Some writers produces 2-3 articles a week, whereas others contributes 2-3 a month. It really depends on how passionate you take your writing.

6. Have your own style of writing. Who knows? You might one day end up writing like Michael Arrington and Marshall Kirkpatrick.

7. We will do our best to market your work and make it visible to thousands of tech readers across the globe.

8. Images: Try to include at least one image in your article. There are many sites such as Flickr, Shutterstock who can provide royalty free images. Please provide the link of the picture in the post so that our editors will add the image and post it.

9. I guess you knew the scenarios being a tech blogger. End of the day, we want you to grow with us.

10. “Great writers are great because of their passion”

Welcome to Zombies lounge!