Top 10 vital areas for Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella should focus on windows phone

1. Windows Phone OS:

The windows phone is now growing in a specific pace after nokia’s great development and marketing strategies. Nokia was acquired by Microsoft for $7.2 billion. Now they can create some stunning line up in the mobile phone industry like Apple and Google Nexus do. For the windows phone 8 and the upcoming windows phone OS needs some improvements in user experience. Microsoft should release software updates often. It is good that they are now following a minimum hardware requirement for their phones hardware. So, most of the applications will be supported in all windows mobile devices except few high end memory/processing hungry apps. Better Mobile Notification system can be expected. And Satya Nadella is more interested in Mobile.

 2. Sign in with Microsoft Account:

The company should focus on outlook mail features and marketing, so that the full Microsoft environment including Xbox, Skype ,windows desktop, windows phone and office 365 will be using the account and also other third party apps should start using the Microsoft account to sign up and log-in to use the software. So, single sign on(SSO) will make the world a secure and easy place.

3. Windows phone App store:

Microsoft should get more apps in the app store from all the top developers. As of now windows phone store has nearly 200,000 apps in the store. The app store needs business apps also, because most of the business people and IT professional want apps to analyze the statistics and monitor theirs cloud IT infrastructure from the mobile phone itself on-the-go.

 4. BYOD-Bring Your Own Device

In the future Microsoft can become an end to end solution provider of Personal and business solutions. Employees want to bring their phone to the office and also organizations can save the money from this. The mobile phone can be virtually split into two parts, one for the personal use and another for the business/company use. These virtual spaces contains their own apps and data. These can not be copied into one another. IT team from the company can monitor and manage the user’s phone from a central location. If Microsoft can become the provider of this solution working people can easily go for the windows phone ecosystem.

 5. Nokia Here Maps/Bing maps:

The Mapping and navigation solution should be improved to compete with the rival Google map’s mass Map Data.

 6. Smartwatch:

Samsung and pebble smart watches are already selling in the market. Apple is also reportedly working on smart watch and recently hired a sleeping expert to monitor how you sleep using the smart watch. So Microsoft should enter into this business soon or may be sooner.

 7. Microsoft Glass/Windows Glass:

Google Glass is getting full attention worldwide with its ability to do things in a very unusual way. The voice integrated with the device is really awesome. So Microsoft can enter this market before Samsung or LG also dominates this market.

8. Mobile payment:

Microsoft can concentrate on the mobile payment systems like NFC payment and can make the shopping experience a pleasure. It was one of the big topic in 2013. This year mobile payment will see some improvements.

 9. Personal assistant:

Siri from apple in iPhone and iPad rocked the mobile industry when it was launched. Then Google Now, is one of the great personal assistant that display useful information at the right time.

Microsoft can concentrate on this.

10. Sky Drive:

Microsoft Skydrive is being used as a important part of the office 365 (a cloud based office suite). Now if Microsoft adds integration from many other third party apps, that will give a big boss to the windows phone ecosystem.