6 amazing features about pool service software created using a cloud billing program that is simple and user friendly!

In Pool and Spa industry, the management is the crucial aspect of running the business. Poor organization can cause immense difficulties in providing the desirable services to the clients. Messy paperwork and old CRM systems are a thing of the past as various pool service software are available which extensively use cloud billing and computing programme.

Pool maintenance or service software has especially been developed keeping in mind all the basic elements of pool and spa industry. Having specialized software in place ensures smooth running of the business. The recent cloud computing and billing programme helps in developing the software as per desired requirement.

Cloud computing is basically providing the services over the internet. It provides a shared pool of resources which includes data storage space, webmail, social networking sites and other online applications. Anybody with the internet connection can use the available services. The service is available on demand basis and use of service is measured and billed accordingly. Many small and big organizations in various types of industries including pool maintenance services are using the cloud billing programme.

Cloud billing programme help the pool service industry by empowering their software in various ways:

1. Easy to install, use and upgrade:

This kind of software is extremely easy to install and set up. They are very user friendly and can be customized according to the organization’ or individual’s needs and expectations. The software is usually upgraded occasionally for better experience.

2. Scheduling and Despatching:

Due to the cloud billing technique, business can be managed effectively and centrally by using office computers, mobile phones and tablets. More jobs can be scheduled in less time. Employees in the field can be managed by texting or emailing about the schedule or next requirement.

3. GPS tracking:

Using a laptop, tablet or mobile smartphone, the service provider can track their employees and technicians on the field. This enables the closest team to be dispatched at the desired location of the customer. This enhances the customer satisfaction while cutting the cost of the organization.

4. Customer Management:

The data related to the customers can be stored and assist wherever needed.This will help in better understanding of his requirement as when the pool was filtered last and when particular equipment was installed. By tracking the customer history at the click of the button, it will help a lot in proper and desired customer satisfaction.

5. Invoicing:

It is a final end to messy paperwork and posting charges. The cloud billing technique will help in emailing the invoice or the bill to the customer from anywhere on the field. It will also ensure the accuracy of the billing as usually many extra charges need to be included while on the field as per the requirement such as filter cleaning, plus grids and o-rings.

6. Back up data:

All the data gets stored automatically. It will help in tracking the customers for their next pool maintenance requirements. The storage of such cloud enabled software is completely secure and no other backup is required.

Using the latest cloud enabled pool service software can help a lot to the pool maintenance service providers to achieve success.


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