How to Play Online Blackjack on Your iPhone!

Although there are tens of thousands of apps available in the iPhone app store, one thing that Apple won’t allow is online gambling apps. So while there are plenty of apps where you can play blackjack, the only thing that you get when you win is a nice feeling of accomplishment. That being said, there are ways to play online casino games for real money on your iPhone, you only need your web browser and a flash player.

Online casinos such as offer two different methods of play. You can download their casino directly onto your computer, which isn’t possible with an iPhone as the software isn’t designed for iOS. Or, you can play casino games directly in your browser through flash-based instant play casinos. As iOS does not support Flash initially, you will need to download an app that allows you to play Flash video and games first. After that, the games at Playmillion and other casinos should work perfectly, even with the smaller screen size.

Once you have the instant play casino working, you can then choose from any one of more than a dozen different Roulette Online and start playing for real money. While the game of blackjack stay the same across all the different versions, each game has its own rules or twist. Some of the games have added bets where you win if your two cards are the same suit, for instance, while others have side bets that add to a progressive jackpot which can win you thousands of real dollars.

Of course, it is important to note that when gambling online, you should make sure to only try and play over WiFi connections to ensure speedy games and avoid data charges. While playing itself requires very little in the way of data, the loading of games can be data intensive and you certainly don’t want to lose connection during the game.

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