Amazon Web Services released AppStream to all Game and HD Media streaming App Developers.

1. Developing and deploying Graphics Eating Games, HD Media Streaming Apps will become easier using the Amazon AppStream’s Client and Server SDKs. AppStream helps Developers to offload the GPU sensitive back-end work to the cloud and run the Client front-end applications in Desktops and mobile devices. So, the Games and Media will be streamed to the Client devices and the mouse or touch inputs could reach the back-end servers simultaneously giving the users a rich HD experience. This would create a revolution in the world of Gaming and Media Streaming Services. These Applications will run on G2 instances on Amazon EC2.


2. Last November Amazon announced AppStream on Amazon Reinvent global conference and made available to an initial group of developers.

3. Now Amazon released AppStream to all the developers around the world. This service needs zero upfront investment. So you can pay for what you use.

4. Deployed Apps will run on Windows Server 2008 R2 environment on Amazon EC2 instance. These Apps can use Native Windows APIs and AWS resources such as Relational Database service (Amazon RDS), NoSQL service (Amazon DynamoDB), Persistent object storage service (Amazon S3), caching service (Amazon ElastiCache), message Queues (Amazon SQS), Publish and Subscribe messaging (Amazon SNS) and more to improve the performance of the application in the Cloud.

What is Amazon AppStream?

5. AppStream hosted Application’s Client code could run on Desktops (Windows or Mac OS X), Mobile/Tablets running iOS, Android and FireOS.

CTO of CCP Games using the AppStream to improve EVE Online.

6. In November 2013 at AWS Reinvent event Amazon announced another interesting service called “Amazon WorkSpaces”, a Cloud Desktop as a Service offering. We can expect the global availability of the Amazon Workspaces soon. VMware Recently announced VMware Horizon DaaS to compete with Amazon WorkSpaces and VMware even partnered with Google. The upcoming AWS Global conference scheduled over two weeks from now might announce the global availability of the Amazon WorkSpaces.

What  is Amazon WorkSpaces?