Biz Stone launches Jelly, A Social Q & A for mobile!

“If you have a question, there’s someone out there that knows the answer” Yes! This simple concept made it all. Twitter founder Biz Stone launches a social Q & A network for mobile. Which asks Facebook or Twitter to sign-up. But unfortunately we can’t sign-up using twitter.

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In a quick tour through the app, we found that after logging in through Facebook, we saw questions about business, Xbox controllers, and where to vacation in and around the world. It is more of like Quora which encourages lengthier responses.

Jelly is kinda like using a conventional search engine in that you ask it stuff and it returns answers. But, that’s where the similarities end. Albert Einstein famously said, “Information is not knowledge.” Knowledge is the practical application of information from real human experience.

And another feature was you can take a photo and ask a question about it what’s this ??. I guess Google has this feature already and now it’s from Jelly. It is a new way to search and something more–it makes helping other people easy and fun. Let’s see how it progress and get a positive feedback about the work.

I conclude it as, Jelly is the new mobile Quora!

It’s available for iOS and Android. It  may come to windows phone soon or maybe not.



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