Edison, A computer from Intel in the size of SD card.

When a computer came in a credit card size, we wondered this would be the smallest computer in the world. Our insights didn’t last long. At CES 2014, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich announced Edison, “a full Pentium-class PC” in the size and shape of the SD card you might otherwise put in your camera.

It comes with 22 nm Intel Quark chip which has a 400 MHz computer board. It supports Linux and includes dual core CPU, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth LE and Integrated App store. That’s interesting too. It makes us to integrate digital world into the physical world


It can be designed to work with most of the devices, not just computers, phones, or tablets, but chairs, coffeemakers, and even coffee cups. The possibilities are endless for entrepreneurs and inventors of all kinds. Rest device at MIT has already came up with a product using Intel’s Edison chip called Mimo Baby Monitor. A device full of sensors that monitors heart rate and how a baby is breathing, as well as how much and when the child moves around in the night.

The chip will be available in the next six months or may be sooner and Intel didn’t confirm the price point for it’s Edison chip. It’s definitely a gem for creative users and makers. It has endless possibilities in this endless world. We gonna see hundreds and thousands of applications using this damn small chip! I swear! And for your information, Intel presents “Make It wearable” Challenge. Watch It! Wearable revolution has started.

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