Comparing the announcements of Google Cloud platform and AWS Summit events

Google Cloud Platform  Event announcements, March 25th :

  • Google Compute Engine now supports Windows Server 2008 R2 (limited preview for now), Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Suse Enterprise Linux Server in addition to the existing Linux VMs.
  •  Another new feature from Google Compute Engine is  the ability to live-migrate running VMs to a different physical machine without  interruption to the service. Google Demonstrated the live migration of an app which was streaming 1080p video.
  • Google introduced Sustained-Use Discounts to cut the cost of the users. “No upfront payments, no lock-in, and no need to predict future use,” says Google.  This is compared with Amazon’s EC2 reserved instances .
  • BigQuery Streaming” is the new service from Google for real time data analytics. It can process up to 100,000 records per second per table. Google charges $20,000 per month for reserved queries and $5 per terabyte for 5GBps on-demand queries. Google demonstrated BigQuery Streaming service by sending live queries into the real time data received from 400,000 power meters. This demo showed the  real time statistics of the Seattle city. The Already available Google BigQuery Analytics’s price was slashed up to 80%.
  • For the Developers, Google introduced integration of both Git and GitHub, so projects can be synchronized with either a local repository or on GitHub. Changes in the Git are automatically built and tested. For easy searching,  logs generated across all instances are aggregated in a single place
  • Google introduced another feature for developers called  “Managed Virtual Machines”. Using that developers can opt for App Engine but can have parts of their service run on these new “Managed Virtual Machines”. They can install anything on the Managed VMs, but the App Engine framework will continue to manage the scaling for the developers. Those who start with Compute Engine can always migrate part of their service into app engine. Few code changes to a YAML file is enough to make this possible.

Amazon Web Services Summit announcements, March 26th:

  • S3 storage price reduced to $0.03 per GB per month, and $0.024 per GB per month for reduced redundant storage shifted down from $0.094 and $0.075 respectively, for the U.S,Europe and Asia-Pacific (only Singapore data center) regions. In comparison, Google Cloud Storage costs $0.026  per GB per month, and $0.020  per GB per month for reduced redundancy.
  • Amazon also reduced Prices of EC2 and RDS as a response to Google Price cut announcement. Please find the comparison of the both announcements  below :

Google vs AWS On Demand Pricing Mar 26 2014

Google Sustained Use vs AWS 1 Year Heavy RI Pricing Mar 26 2014 Google Sustained Use vs AWS 3 Year Heavy RI Mar 26 2014