Facebook Open Sourcing the code behind its Power and Water Efficiency Dashboards

1. Facebook open sources its Power Usage Effectiveness  (PUE) and Water Usage Effectiveness (WUE) dashboard  code to the world, so other data centers could use this innovative way to measure the effectiveness of Water and Power usage for displaying to the world.

2. Datacenters are using water to reduce the heat of the servers. Today’s green data centers are using modern technologies like humidity measurement to  utilize water effectively. For example, if the humidity level is low inside the data enter, then, water will be consumed to increase the humidity. So, water will be consumed only if the humidity level is low.

3. Power is an important part of the data center operation. Green data centers are trying to  use the power effectively to save lots of money  and to get  a satisfactory of Green Data Center. This technology from Facebook will give measurements which shows how our servers are utilizing the energy provided to the data center.

4. Last April Facebook launched public dashboard of Oregon and North Carolina that visualized energy and water usage efficiency in Real-Time.


5. Facebook released its Code in two parts:  A front-end UI component and a back-end data aggregation that may be helpful for those with systems similar to Facebook. The two components work together or they can be used separately.

6. Rackspace already tested this code even before the open source release and considering to add this facility into their infrastructure.

7. Get the code in GitHub: 1. Front-end Component 2. Back-end data aggregator