Selfie Sticks, The Trendsetter!

“Selfie” The word has evolved from a niche social media tag into a mainstream term for a self-portrait photograph. It has been named as word of the year 2013 by Oxford Dictionaries. Now the selfie trend is getting bigger and bigger. Taking selfies with an arm extender is becoming a new trend, nicknamed “Selfie Stick”

Asian teens are going crazy over the concept. Of course the event happened in this year’s Oscars was the reason for developing this trend. A selfie taken by Bradeley Cooper on Ellen DeFeneres phone. It’s gone viral like anything. It has created a record for the most number (3.4 million) re-tweeted tweet in the history.

Selfie Sticks, It’s just a Monopods used to take photos using digital cameras. Soulaya Lestary, 20, from Indonesia, told The Huffington Post: ‘We use social media all the time and because we’re shy to ask someone, to take pictures of us,’ it’s easier to do it ourselves.’

Many people are unaware that the Monopods for Smartphones were unveiled at Mobile World Congress. But didn’t have a release or a word about price though. And Last year, Australian retailer Kogan introduced a selfie taker a helping hand for $19 which is extendable pole with an attachment for a phone or a camera.

“I’ve done a bit of Facebook stalking, and was horrified to see that you haven’t posted a Facebook selfie yourself,” Mr Kogan wrote in an open letter.

“We know that selfies would not exist if it weren’t for your entrepreneurial achievements. So, we thought wed name the product after you.” Mr Kogan said if Mr Zuckerburg declined his offer, then he had a plan B.

“If Zuckerberg refuses to do it, Kogan will change the official name of the product to the Kardashian selfie stick,” Mr Kogan said.

Advantages of having selfie sticks:

1. A first class solution to your biggest #firstworldproblem

2. No more blurry shots of half your head.

3. Talking selfies in places and poses you never thought possible!

4. Get the height that your arm doesn’t have.

5. Compact and portable.

6. Fits all compact cameras.