Now, Any Google+ user can mail you without your address!

You’re reading it right. Yes! Now, Any Google+ user can able to send you mail without your email address. A new update from Google this morning. They try to enlarge our phone-book by adding this feature.

At first Google tried to integrate Google+ with Gmail asking your permission with a single click when you signup for a mail account. This changed a lot and made a significant impact of using a mail account socially. Many techy stated that this will create a security issues. It will payoff our privacy. But Google kept that in control and we don’t find any breach over that feature.

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Image Courtesy: Google Blog

Now, Gmail will suggest your Google+ connections as recipients when you are composing a new email. And don’t worry you‘re under control. You can give permission whether people can reach you this way with a new setting in Gmail. And your mail address is not visible to the one who’s not in your phone-book and remain private unless you chooses to respond to a Google+ email.


And the feature won’t be annoying too. This is a good thing in the new update. Because, If a user receives a Google+ message form someone outside his circles, the message will automatically appear in Gmail’s “Social” folder, not the “Primary” folder.

Google is rolling out this new feature soon and will send an email to users when they have the option to change their settings. We predict this is a good feature and make some impact in this social era.

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