Hindrance Of WhatsApp Web!

From Today, you will have the ability to use WhatsApp on your web browser (As of now, you need Google Chrome). Only An Android, Windows Phone or BlackBerry user. Due to Apple Platform Limitations, you can’t access WhatsApp Web if you’re an iOS user. There are lots of flaws in WhatsApp on Web. We ran a complete test and these are the following disadvantages:-


  • The web service requires the latest version of Whatsapp so you have to update the app on your phone to get along.
  • As of now, Only Google Chrome supports the web version.
  • You don’t need to scan the QR code again and again, it’s just the first time setup which you are doing, if you log off from the desktop, then you need to repeat it, If Forget to Log off we can do it in Mobile. It is risky to use it on a public computer because if you forget to log off from that public PC, then anyone can see your previous messages which you have sent from mobile also and others can even send one from your WhatsApp Web Version.
  • WhatsApp will consume double data, one from web version and another from your phone.
  • Bear in mind this solution requires that your phone is always connected to the internet, for the web client to work. So if you have a very limited data plan or no access to Wi-Fi, use this feature with caution.
  • If the Phone is out of battery, you can’t use the web version.
  • However the web services will simply act as an extension of your phone. (We Can’t Delete the messages, can’t change the DP & Status).
  • 16MB of video is the limit and we need to drag and drop it in the text field.
  • Low Size Screen Mobile are Unable to Scan the QR code, Due to Demo.
  • In Groups, You can’t see who read your message and the time when they read.

Image Credits: WhatsApp

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