Tracky, World’s First Motion Capture Sportswear From Project Pole

Wearables, A catchy word in this modern era. Tech giants like Apple, Google have already jumped into wearable technology. In recent times, Many startups too are emerging in this wearable technology. A wearable technology startup called Project Pole has come up with a product called Tracky. It is the world’s first motion capture sportswear for sports and fitness enthusiasts. It has the  most advanced wearable technology capable of capturing the vitals and biomechanical action points, it can able to analyze them with impeccable accuracy and to suggest the action points to be improved, thus systematically accelerating your flight towards the fitness milestone.



The human body is the best work of art- we want to keep it that way! A spontaneous and way to connect and explore your own body-  Your attire is seamlessly integrated with advanced 9- axis motion tracking sensors that captures, analyses and evaluates the vital signs, segmental interaction, coordination continuum and range of motion.

At the completion of our pursuit, we developed what can be called as “the thinnest, smallest, smartest and the most efficient coach with the sharpest memory.” Says ArulBalaji Radhakrishnan, Founder & CEO of Project Pole.

The Tracky is so personal that it stays close to you throughout your trail and provides you a deep sense of understanding about the action points that you achieved and action points that you missed.  The Tracky comes in customized forms for track runners, swimmers, cyclists or for enthusiasts for general fitness and it prioritizes factors to be considered like pedestrian cadency, biking cadence etc.

Here’s the video explaining the importance of Tracky:

Product Highlights:

  • Wearable Technology
  • Absolutely durable, shock proof, scratch proof and waterproof
  • Advanced nine axis sensors that are interchangeable
  • Customized according to your preference
  • Apps that can be personalized
  • Dramatically reduced power consumption
  • Set personalized goals and analyze your progress
  • Store Data, Connect and compete with friends through cloud computing

 How it works beyond technology:

Tracky is a new milestone where people interact, modify and sync with technology that is made simpler and affordable. Embedded with a second generation 9-axis Motion Tracking sensors which are unbelievably small as 3x3x1mm, it is the world’s smallest of its kind.


Dramatically reduced power consumption and with a superior performance, Tracky sets a new benchmark. The System in Package (SiP) contains a 3-axis gyroscope, a 3-axis accelerometer, and an on-board Digital Motion Processor capable of processing complex MotionFusion algorithms. The motion sensors are equipped to capture the pre-set action points with remarkable precision and subsequently analyzes to give your personalized feedback.

Equipped with software drivers fully compliant with Android, iOS Tracky can be used to connect through Bluetooth and can store and transmit data through cloud computing technology.

Tracky don’t just monitor your fitness activities. They designed it with the cutting edge technology to balance your life. They learn from you and work seamlessly with your complicated actions and moves. And now with the Tracky API, they’re letting you leverage what our product can do. They’re giving you the tools you need to build interesting and meaningful integrations, while still maintaining control of your own user experience.

We have transformed a complex technology to be simple and accessible enough that you can even develop customized apps, by leveraging on open API, synergizing the benefits of Data analytics, because we believe in the immense potential and possibilities of technology. Ganeshmoorthy Ramasamy, Founder & Director at Project Pole.

Project Pole is up for crowdfunding on Indiegogo. You can contribute them to develop this awesome fitness product.

Image Source: Project Pole

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