Intuit Labs testing It’s new bitcoin payment gateway!

Software development company – Intuit labs have announced that they are now testing Bitcoin payment software for small business. Over the years the company has given some of the best softwares to consumers and businesses. The company should be able to attract many business given their user base and positive track record.


The project concentrates on the two major issues, that any business would face taking up BTC payments, security and price volatility. Intuit assures that both of these will be completely taken care of. The project does not require any wallet from the company that is implementing the software and they will not receive the payments in BTC. Although there is no clear picture how they can achieve this, the company might just have a centralized BTC converting software that will convert the BTC paid through the software and send the payment as USD to the seller. This should make transactions very easy for the seller and bitcoin systems do not have any charge back issues as well.

This is a step in the right direction as far as merchants are concerned. It allows them to be less concerned about the safety of their Bitcoins and price volatility. The company is still testing the implementation of the software and we will keep you posted with more information once it is available in the market.

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