LG Unveils their first smartphone enabled energy efficient bulb called “LG Smart Bulb”

In early 1800’s inventors struggled to find a filament that doesn’t evaporate and produce light. Finally, Edison’s method was the most efficient. Now, LG took another giant leap in this technology and unveiled a world’s most energy efficient smart bulb called “LG Smart Bulb” which works absolutely perfect with iOS and Android. Best part is, it just consumes 10W. It’s going to be a magic to a normal person who enters into your room with this bulb installed.

LG Smart Bulb

It has lots of features than the other smart bulbs available in the market. Like, a light-based alarm clock. A security mode, which turn on even when you’re not at home. A party mode, which makes the bulb flash in various colors in symmetry with the music. Unfortunately, this feature is only for Android now. Take a look at the test video of LG Smart Bulb with LG GPro2 Smartphone.

This smart bulb can be controlled using iOS and Android devices running v4.3 and above. The LG Smart Bulb will cost around $32 (35,000 won) with two versions (Color: B1030EA5L6B and Day White: B1050EA5L6B) and as of now, LG released their smart bulb only in Korea and no words about the US launch.