Microsoft’s Hosting Study 2014 shows hybrid cloud adoption growth: [Survey –Report]

1. Microsoft and “451Research” conducted survey of over 2000 participants has shown 50% of the companies have deployed some form of hybrid cloud. You can find the pdf here

2. As per the Survey, 49% of the 2041 executives participated had deployed hybrid cloud.

In this 49% (989 executives), 60% had created a hybrid of on-premise private cloud and a hosted private cloud, 42.1% had created a hybrid of on-premise private cloud and a public cloud; 39.6% had created a hybrid of hosted private cloud with a public cloud.

3. In the future, 91% of total participants said, they would likely again buy  outsourcing services and hosted infrastructure services in the next two years, compared to SaaS (89%), PaaS (85%) and collocation services (82%).

4. Currently purchased cloud services  as per the participants, 71% deployed Software as a Service(SaaS), compared with hosted infrastructure service (69%), outsourcing services (43%), platform as a service (PaaS) (37%) and collocation services (27%)

5. By 2016,Non-virtualized infrastructure is expected to shift down to 37% on average from 43%. The virtualized infrastructure will increase to 35% on average from 31%. The Orchestrated private cloud will be used by 28% of the companies, up from 26%.

6. 32.4% of the companies agreed that they have “ a Formal cloud computing strategy plan”. 35.9% said they have “a goal for the number of applications or resources that will be part of the cloud”. Only 23.9% having  “a standard architecture for hosted solutions”

7. Top three best practices for cloud computing projects as per the survey report are: have a well-defined architecture for security; understand who the end users are; and well-defined architecture for performance.

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