Microsoft is expected to announce “Office suite for iPad” on March 27

Reportedly, Microsoft is planning to launch the long awaited Office App for iPad  in San Francisco.

The iPad App announcement event is scheduled before Microsoft’s Build Conference, which is also in San Francisco. Amazon Web Services and Google are also conducting Cloud Conferences in San Francisco just before this  “Office for iPad“ event.


Microsoft invited reporters to an event to be hosted by CEO Sathya Nadella, in San Francisco on March 27. “The Intersection of Cloud and Mobile” is the topic of the invitation. So, the Cloud is going to be the center core of this iPad App just like Office 365 for Desktop (Windows & Mac OS X).

Microsoft is already facing  heavy competition from Google Apps (competes with office 365) and “Google Docs for consumers”. Microsoft recently revealed new Machine Learning features of Office 365 which created buzz around the world.

This Shows the competition between Cloud Giants are heating up.