Smart Air Conditioner “Aros” from GE and Quirky: On the path of “Internet of Things (IoT) evolution”

1. GE and Quirky joined in a  5 year partnership on April 2013 to create  Smart Home Devices.  They planned to create  30 devices over these five years.

2. They have now revealed their “Aros -Smart Air Conditioner” which could be connected using Wi-Fi network  and can be automated. This smart air conditioner will learn user preferences over time and cool the room without any user input.

3. The AC unit will use Wink App that operates Smart Egg Tray, a Smart Clock and other products created by Quirky. Using the Wink App, you can control monthly budgets and usage of the AC.

Air conditioner from Quirky & GE- statistics
Air conditioner from Quirky and GE- Monthly budget control

4. This product is priced for about $300 for 8,000 BTUs and  ready to ship on May 2014.

5. Earlier on November 2013, Quirky, the crowd sourced product development platform has raised $79 million in funding. In that $30 million invested by GE.

6. Quirky already started to sell their  Smart Egg tray. You can see a video of the Smart Egg tray below.

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